Neutral Zone

Small event Accreditation made easy.

Neutral zone was developed by Gold Medal Systems as a solution to Media Accreditation for a professional sports team. It can be used for any event where organizations register their own personnel, and request access to different events. The management module allows you to quickly and easily see who has applied for which events, and approve them quickly. Customizable personalized pass printing is supported, allowing you to easily print personalized passes for each attendee.

Neutral Zone is built on the lessons learned from our decades of learning from GEMS. You get all the infrastructure and security built for GEMS - but with an application specifically designed for the workflow of smaller events.

See the module list below for a brief description of what Neutral Zone can offer you.

Self Registration

  • Create Accounts
  • Register People
  • Submit Photos
  • Request Access
  • Track Approvals

Manage Attendees

  • Customized Roles
  • Multiple Events
  • Single date / Season Pass
  • Branded with your logos and colours
  • Bulk Processing

Pass Production

  • Customized pass design
  • Individual and bulk printing
  • Pass history and status management

Neutral Zone is hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud ensuring enterprise class reliability at affordable rates.