A Games Management System you can trust.

GEMS is Gold Medal Systems' own GMS. It is designed from the ground up to be the world's most user friendly GMS. GEMS provides you with an extremely efficient way to manage your games. Tasks can be performed one at a time, or in a simple bulk process. We have applied our decades of experience to allow you to manage your volunteers, accredit your attendees, and register your competitors. From a couple thousand volunteer applications up through hundreds of thousands of accreditation records - GEMS is ready for the task.

See the module list below for a brief description of what GEMS can offer you.

Workforce (WKF)

  • Manage Categories, Job Titles, and groupings of volunteers, contractors and paid staff.
  • Track headcount changes across iterations of your planning.

WKF Planning

  • Headcount planning matrix
  • Assignment limits for VOL module
  • Recruitment variances

WKF Scheduling

  • Build and manage shifts for Volunteers, staff and contractors
  • Work rule enforcement
  • Individual shift management
  • Bulk shift assignment
  • WKF check in.

Volunteer (VOL)

  • Register and validate volunteers
  • Sort by skill set for assignments
  • Assign to roles established by WKF module individually or in bulk
  • Fine control over publishing of offers

VOL Portal

  • Collect registrations on form customized for your event
  • Personalized dashboard to communicate with each volunteer
  • Accept position offers
  • Submit ACR photos
  • View shifts

Other VOL

  • Track milestones of a volunteer's progress
  • Create communications updates and alerts for the VOL Portal
  • Call centre support screen

Accreditation (ACR)

  • Manage and validate registrations
  • Validate photos
  • Manage default privileges and assign overrides
  • Control status changes
  • Individual or bulk changes
  • Interface to security background check status

ACR Portal

  • Manage client group access
  • Register and manage applications
  • Individual entry of data or photo
  • Bulk uploads of data or photos

Pass Production

  • Customized pass design
  • One part and two part passes
  • Non Validated Passes
  • Day Pass
  • Guest Pass
  • Individual and bulk printing
  • Pass history and status management


  • Manage sport and event list
  • Import of qualification data from sport organizations
  • Supports para-sport classifications
  • Interface with your TSR Provider

SEQ Portal

  • Integrated with ACR Portal
  • Manage competitor registrations
  • Collect athlete PB, SB, Classifications, etc.

Competition Management / Results

  • Manage the competition schedule
  • Create pools and heats
  • Generate start lists from SEQ
  • Record results
  • Simple Public facing Results portal


  • Manage uniform distribution and inventory
  • Control eligibility for uniform items by role
  • Individual and bulk overrides
  • Track items distribute
  • Manage inventory levels

Medical Incidents

  • Track statistical information on medical incidents
  • Capture information on types of injuries and illness, and where they occur
  • Integrated with ACR records


  • Dozens of included reports
  • Ability to customize and add new reports
  • JasperReports Server engine with integrated sign on with GEMS

GEMS can be hosted either your cloud or ours. A wide array of options are available to provide you with your perfect level of fault tolerance, redundancy, and scalability.

We can handle the load. Here are some of our own records for a single games.

Most Volunteers Registered (thousands)
Most Passes Printed (thousands)
Most Shifts Managed (thousands)
Most Sports