Who we are

We are the droids you're looking for

We have lived and breathed Games Management Systems for two decades. We have watched GMS systems grow from their infancy into the complex highly integrated solutions of today. This perspective allows us to streamline our software and your operations to make the most out of limited resources

Each of our key members have multiple high profile games experience under their belts, and have spent years expanding and honing their technical skills. Our web development and design skills began with the first version of GEMS - developed for the 1999 Pan Am Games. We were delivering Games Management over the internet 20 years ago. Our database design and management skills have even deeper roots. We keep these skills up to date - taking lessons from the past and applying them to the technologies of the future.

  • Games Management 28 years

  • Web design 22 years

  • Web development 22 years

  • Database design 35 years

  • SQL Server 25 years

  • GEMS Software 21 years